Our doors are wide open!
There's a special warmth at our synagogue services that melts away any embarrassment for those unfamiliar with, or new to, communal prayer. Our Doors Are Open to all Jews, regardless of their background, affiliation or level of observance are welcome!

The synagogue is open every day for prayers and learning.

Shabbat Prayer Schedule

We offer Shabbat and Holiday Services that are traditional, and are conducted in a joyous, engaging and uplifting atmosphere. You'll feel right at home with our warm and friendly atmosphere, with lively singing and the continuous explanations.

Friday Evening
Mincha 10 minutes after candle lighting time.
Shabbat Candle-Lighting Times for Shanghai

Kabbalat Shabbat 6:15 PM
Services followed by dinner. (Reservations for the meal are necessary)

Shabbat Morning
9:00 AM Torah study
10:00 AM Shacharit
Services followed by lunch. (Reservations for the meal are necessary)

Shabbat Afternoon
Mincha 10 minutes before candle lighting time
Services followed by Seuda Shlishit (Reservations for the meal are

Arvit and Havdalah at nightfall

Halachic Zmanim (times) for Shanghai, China:

To make special arrangements and to ensure a Minyan for a Yahrtzeit etc.
Please contact: [email protected]

Coffee with the Rabbi or Rebbetzin
Schedule a meeting with the Rabbi or the Rebetzin anytime. We are available for individual study as well as anything else you may want to discuss.